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Here at Mofiki WorldWide, Inc. we are so dedicated to the design, development and overall success of your websites that we have neglected ours for several years.  We are finally taking the time to do a complete refresh on ours to keep us relevant to todays expectations.  We feel people may come along and say “if their site looks like that why would ours look any better?”.  We are here to tell you that we put our clients first and this refresh may take a while to complete based on our clients needs.

We will use this news entry to keep you updated on our development as it progresses.  Once we have the homepage up and running we will go ahead and put the contact page back so that you can reach us once again.  From now until the contact page appears we are not accepting new clients and apologize to those that are looking for new site design.

January 21, 2017 – New site started.  We decided to just do it live since the old site had become so fragmented and broken that it was hardly useable anyway.  As we progress feel free to leave a comment (especially current clients) to let us know if there is something you would like to see on the site.  Example would be the client login area for all of you to see your billing and project status (which will be added sooner than later.